Month: April 2020


A knife can be a substance used to generate clean cuts such as robe and webbing. These tools utilize high-heat seal and to scale the borders of the material because they proceed. For cutting edge Styrofoam and EPS foam in the industrial and commercial, Designed, these really are the choices for fast cutting of those sorts of substances.

Our hot-wire CNC machines, Industrial Knife polyurethane cutting on free-hand Routers, fittings, and Bow Cutters can handle.

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When it’s Styrofoam or high-density foam, our knives slice through the bits in moments and can allow you to fast. The warmth protects the preventing advantage and also waste fraying.

We take knives from the Hand-helds using. for example, you can cut with a knife that is sexy:

  • Webbing
  • Elastic
  • Cloths such as Spandex
  • Boning
  • Hook and Loop tape
  • Nylon rope

Automatic Cutting Machines

Swift and cutting on edge for projects including bag straps, belt pliers, webbing, strip tapes, straps, plastic zippers, elastics, and also areas are easy with our tabletop cutting machines. Our New Tech Electric Hot Knife is cheap it is user friendly, which makes it the knife that is great and gets work done.

If you’re interested in a manual system, the more JM-817 Belt Cutter (Cold & Hot) Cutting machine may cut to 3-5 bits each minute. Simple to use and accurate, it works well on lightweight, soft substances.

For those who require something then our cutters may cut at between 90 and 120 bits each week. You may place them and forget them with the control board that was automated let it run and cut depending on your specifications. The device stores this app if switched off therefore you may use pieces in order to cut after. They truly are simple to use once the fabric runs outside, and also have.

Foam Cutting Tools

Parts of rubber and memory foam may be time-consuming and hard to cut minus the tools. By making use of a foam cutting machine may cut these pieces that are bigger.

Consew’s CFC Smooth Rubber Cutting System & Cut Foam utilizes a columnar saw blade to cut your memory how that you require it. You require. You might purchase extra column blades in sizes to support all those size edges.

Our tabletop Hot Wire Foam is a much choice for the bits that are bigger. Faster than a knife, you shape squares of Styrofoam and lace and can slit through, in addition, to cut shapes such as circles out.

Cloth Drills

Building a lot of pockets is really a feat of technology, and fabric exercises get the work.

Rather than heating the cloth, there extends a fabric drill direct to indicate a place for:

  • Button-holes
  • Pockets
  • Darts

Markers or stains

Holes can be drilled by Our models by layers of fabric efficiently. Even the driveshaft puts the holes directly where they are needed, each moment. Each runs using an AC motor.

Security for Your Shop as Well as Your Self When Utilizing Hot Enough

It is also vital to make surfaces, When these cutters are efficient and fast, and also the heating the machines produce won’t damages shop furniture. Exactly the heat which produces work cutting may do injury.

You can not cut onto a plastic or timber dining table. A dining table that is plastic will meltdown, and also timber dining table is going to be abandoned with marks.

Secondly –the blades tools fast turn crimson. Be certain there aren’t any kids around who could detect these items entertaining. Make sure any time they’re plugged, caution.

Third–it’s really a fantastic idea to apply for a, face, and hand protection when employing those tools to shield users when heating is applied, that a number of substances could produce. Our metal mesh gloves are perfect for keeping hands safe.

On the Lookout for Heat Cutting Gear? Goldstar Tool Has What You Require

In the foam mill into the most current from cutting edge machines, Goldstar Tool provides the complete lineup of gear to care for every demand, in addition to spare parts including replacement generators.

See our set of foam and heat cutting tools and accessories For those who want more than scissors. If you aren’t certain which person is ideal for you personally. We will assist you with the tools to fulfill your wants.