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Girl Tribe Gaming Podcast Description:

Zen and Jen have spent the last week delving into Destiny on Xbox One. The duo shares all about what they liked, didn’t like and future hopes for the much anticipated title from Bungie. Then they chat up the Forza Horizon 2 demo and discuss the upcoming game KickBeat Special Edition.

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NyX Grrls #TBT

Before Girl Tribe Gaming we were known as the NyX Grrls!

Here is another Throwback Thursday video from our days as the NyX Grrls in Halo Reach.

Zen and I collected as bunch of crazy moments in one of our most favorite playlists...Rocket Hog Race. We had such a blast flipping around trying to blow each other up. Oh, the love between clan-mates. :)

Featured in this collection of fails and explosions:

  • SupaGrrl
  • moto grrl
  • Shadoewolf
  • Design Grrl - now known as ZenZign

I cannot wait to see the crazy fun that Girl Tribe Gaming is going to have in Halo: The Master Chief Collection!

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GTG Podcast

Girl Tribe Gaming Podcast Description:

This week Nara Grrl joins the podcast to talk about PAX Prime 2014, Dance Central Spotlight and lots of random geeky topics! Of course the girls talk about mobile gaming and chat about some Xbox One news.

Be sure to stay tuned after the episode music ends to hear Zen and Jen dish out The Walking Dead: Season 2 - Episode 5 spoilers. They share their choices and general feelings about the ending of Season 2.

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